Colombia- Caldas Peaberry

Producer: Small lot producers

Region: Caldas, Colombia

Altitude: 1500-1900m

Process: fully washed and dried in the sun

Varietal: Castillo, Caturra, Typica

Notes: milk chocolate, figs


A peaberry (also called caracol in Spanish) is a natural mutation of the coffee bean inside its cherry. Normally coffee beans grow two to a fruit, flat against each other like halves of a peanut, but a funny thing happens in about 5% of the world's coffee, and only one bean develops within the cherry. Since only one bean rather than two are formed, Peaberry coffee beans are said to be more robust in flavor and more acidic (good for taste) than regular Arabica coffee beans. Peaberry coffee by its very nature is rare as only 5% or so of all coffee beans harvested are in the Peaberry form. We love our Colombian Peaberry and are sure you will too!

340g bag whole bean coffee