3 month prepaid "Giftscription" subscription

3 month prepaid "Giftscription" subscription

 Prepaid subscriptions are the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life, or for yourself (lets face it, you deserve it!). Prepaid subscriptions allow you to choose how many bags of coffee you want a month and what kind of coffee you want. You can choose between our  "roasters choice", "wild wild west", or "espresso freak" options to best suit your personal taste preference.  

Roasters Choice – Santiago believes that coffee should be enjoyed fresh, made often, and with friends. Roasters Choice offers great approachable coffees that anyone can enjoy, but will satisfy the coffee nerd in your life.

Wild Wild West- If you are in pursuit of the juiciest coffee possible, or if you simply love trying new coffees, Wild Wild West is perfect for you. We love funky coffee at The Colombian, so we are dedicated to taste, profile, and roast some wild coffee that you will be definitely remember.  

Espresso Freak- Whether you enjoy a latte, cortado, or straight espresso, our blend delivers on all fronts. Our roaster designed our blend to pair perfectly with milk while still thriving when enjoyed alone. Espresso freak is the perfect subscription for advanced and novice espresso drinkers, making it the perfect gift. P.s our espresso tastes delicious as drip coffee as well.


Notes: Monthly subscriptions charge your account on the 1st of the month. All subscriptions are sent out by the 3rd business day of the month. Ensure to give the address of whoever will be receiving the coffee. No extra shipping costs!!!!!